Thursday, July 20, 2017

Driving and Out Of Control...

The Fast Pace Of Life, Living from glory to glory blog...

Looking Up...

When we get in the habit of looking up we can see that everything
Changes and it has a purpose.
But some of these changes are not good and rather frighting!
Maybe we do need cars that do not have real drivers and can drive themselves!

Yesterday my husband and I took a day trip;
It was of course on a major highway.
But I will have to say it was quite terrifying!

We saw people driving in a manner that will surely cause the death 
of themselves or others.

The reason I need to look up, is because down here it is
getting scary and so many are distracted.
Attention deficit at its best...
"Not a Good Thing"

When you live in the country and are used to country living.
The fast pace is un-nerving!

Now, for the record, I have driven far and wide in this great country of ours!
So I am no novice of traffic and big cities!

What I am talking about are people that are so distracted!
Weaving from side to side,
Changing lanes with no signals
Driving in your blind spot
Tailgating and up your exhaust pipe
Honking and screaming at other cars
Music so loud your ears hurt,
And people dancing in their cars so hard the car was bouncing!
Oh lets not forget the one we saw passing cars on the shoulder!
And the merging cars didn't even look at you!
Then we had one car up ahead completely stop, and cars just swerved
To avoid slamming into the back of him!
One time all the cars just started braking and we avoided a pile-up!
Oh, and don't even get me started about all the people Texting and driving!
And almost everyone was on their phones...
The speed is 75 miles per hour;
Not anymore, it is going as fast as you can go without getting caught speeding!
And that is another thing very few State Patrols on the highways anymore.

I felt bad for those who had older cars and no air and not going fast enough,
 And they were just treated like and old, man or women in the grocery store.
"Get OUT of my way"

Where did you get your license my Grandpa used to say?
"Out of a Cracker Jack Box?"

Be very careful, dear ones!
The Highways and Byways are getting very scary!

Defensive driving is a MUST!

Remember, I grew up on the race track...
I know how to drive...

Just because you are a good driver does not protect you
From other drivers on drugs, drinking, smoking pot and being distracted!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How A Spritual Pearl Is Made...

Spiritual Pearls, Living from glory to glory blog...

~ How A Pearl Is Made ~

A little grain of sand or a parasite gets into an oyster, mussel or clam shell.
As a defense, a fluid is used to coat the irritant.
Layer upon layer is deposited until a lovely lustrous pearl is formed.

Do you want a string of pearls of your very own?

Well, Dear Ones you surely can have a collection of single pearls.
"You can attain a pearl as often as you get victory over an irritation"

A true pearl is made out of a little thing that was not welcomed.
But as we all know life will send little irritations into your lives.

When these irritations come into our hearts or thoughts or home,
We must be quick about them and cover them with prayer!
This will be the layering of God's word and His love and grace...

When we look at a pearl we think, how lovely and light and
 Yet how strong and durable, these pearls are.

I believe they are so strong because it was formed out of a
Unwanted particles that the clam just refused to be injured by it.
So it just kept covering it with the substance that would heal it!

A pearl is simply made by getting a victory over those irritations!

So every irritation that comes into our lives is
An opportunity for becoming a pearl.

The more irritations the devil flings at us,
the more chances we have to get another pearl.

Learning to cope and to overcome is so important!
That quote "don't sweat the small stuff"

You can do it the worlds way or you can do what truly
Brings victory...
Pray and walk away from what is pointless.
Some people just look for chances to rob us of our peace and joy
And our PEARLS...

Friday, July 7, 2017

Do What You Can...

Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest...

I find myself saying this very thing to myself often!

So I decided this was something I needed to share;
We have this deep down nagging feeling like we
Just can't do enough or what we do is not measuring up.

Well, Firstly ask yourself this;
Whose standards are you comparing yourself with?

Living each day with a new lease on life
Should be your goal...
This life is so fleeting and some days go by in a wink!

Many things are just out of our control!
Who holds the keys?

The only thing you hold is how you are going to respond!

~Do What You Can~

When we worry and try to control everything and everyone,
We become frustrated and worn out.

Enjoy this day and season for it is the here and now
And God's gift to you!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fill Your Cup With Good Things Don't Be A Whiner...

Fill Your Cup With Good Things, Living from Glory To Glory Blog

Fill Your Cup...

When I was a child, I loved the smell and taste of coffee,
It was such a treasure to have those memories of the old percolator
bubbling and doing its magic. It filled the house with the aroma 
of fresh coffee brewing to be enjoyed!

As I have grown older I now realize it is the ritual and the ceremony!

When we learn to stop and take pleasure in the small things.

Being in the moment and enjoying those rituals.

Many mornings I do get the tea kettle whistling;

Coffee or Tea

So many fill their cups with a bitter whine...

Are you a whiner?

Is your coffee either just too hot or cold or too old?
Is everything just a bit off and not to your liking?
Well, it's not that we should not try to get things in a better state.
But, rather learning to fill our cups with some of the lovely things!

You can fill your cup with sweet memories;
Or bitter thoughts and disappointments!

Everything will not go as you hoped or plan, all the time!

But if you look in the right direction;
I know you will begin to see things more clearly!
It is the condition of your heart!

Please take this little bit of advice!

Fill your instagram and blogs and journals and Facebook
with uplifting words and thoughts!
May your Pinterest boards give beauty and life!

Too much negative media is not good!

A dear friend of mine told me a few weeks back this statement.

"You know why I do not do Facebook?
Well, it's because it causes me to sin!"

Well, whining all the time is sin!
Look, it's not your job to set the whole world straight!
That is the Holy Spirit's work in the individual's lives.

Some people just have to take the long hard road!

But you can choose to fill your cup with good things!!

America, Bless God And Give Thanks...

Thursday, June 29, 2017




We are all a work in progress!

Just going to share some one liners here in this post!
I have always loved words and their meanings!

I think I could write a book of just one liners...

I do enjoy journaling and I always use the last few pages of each 
Journal for one liners that jump out at me from a book or devotional!
Even movies and songs!
Maybe even something I read from a blog!
Many our from a message I heard in the past.

God's timing is always right-
So wait patiently for Him

Beware- the more you look at temptation the better it looks.

The storms of your life will reveal the strength and
source of your faith!

God gives to you so that you may give to others!

In life and in death, My only hope is in
"Jesus Christ"

Repentance means hating sin enough to turn from it.

The soul would have no rainbows-
If the eyes had no tears.

The best reason for Hope is God's faithfulness!

No tragedy is outside of God's sovereignty...

Only the one who has learned to serve is qualified to lead!

A spark of encouragement can rekindle warmth in the heart.

If you shirk today's tasks,
You will increase tomorrow's burdens.

You can gain knowledge on your own.
But wisdom comes from God!

We can accomplish more together than we can alone.

Marriages may be made in heaven;
But they have to be worked out on earth.

The cost of obedience is nothing;
Compared with the cost of disobedience!

A big part of loving is listening!

The world rewards success
God rewards faithfulness!

There are no obstacles, only challenges

It's risky to go out on a limb-
But that's where the fruit is.

Brooding over the past paralyzes the present,
And bankrupts the future.

My dear friend Kelly passed away!
She is now healed!
I miss her already...

Thank you for your prayers for her and her family!

I appreciate each and everyone of you that stop in and read my humble writings!

Living From Glory To Glory
~Love Roxy~

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Life Is Precious...

A Bird Nest With Eggs In It, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

 Life is Precious...

My sweet Hubby was doing some trimming on one of our many
trees and he found this nest with two eggs in it!
I said wait stay up there I want to get my camera!

The Momma bird was making a huge fuss;
Get away from my babies, she was tweeting!

I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts here with you ladies;

I am so happy that all nine of my grandchildren will be here
on our Estate this coming week.
It will be the first time in a whole long three years!

My dear friend kelly is still fighting to hold on to life!
The brain tumor is trying to steal her life!
She is a fighter and she totally trusts Jesus!!

Went to a funeral today and had a reality check...
Life is so very precious!

Have you all notice how fast Sunday comes around again each week?
Not sure why the days and weeks just seem to fly by...

Be careful where you invest your time!
Be careful who put first!
Be watchful!!

We are having a Stayvacation this summer!

Last year we went to the West Coast!
It was lovely and very refreshing...

The Pacific Coast, Living From Glory to Glory Blog...

Please may I remind you all to stay humble
Stay strong...
Keep focused on the prize!
Never give up!
Rest only In Christ...

May our goals have eternal implications;
Heavenly minded...

May Christ be formed in you!
Respect your Husband!
Love the brethren...

"For LOVE covers a multitude of sin"

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Little Faith Goes A Long Way...

Simple Faith, Living from glory to glory blog...

~A Little Faith Goes A Long Way~

A cool breeze blowing in the late afternoon, what a sweet little thing!

Flowers blooming everywhere...

"I have been practicing the fine art of being appreciative"

I can feel my heart beating!
I can smell the sweet smelling aroma of flowers in my yard!
The birds are singing such a sweet lullaby tonight.

When you are so very tired;
Lie down and lean into Jesus!
Being tired allows you to totally depend on Him!

We do not always have to take the easy way;
But we sure can stop and rest for a while.

When you learn to look for beauty;
"You will find it"

Anyone who prays for the ability to see beauty;
Will never be denied and will never grow old!

Take your faith and create;
Take time and spend it with seeing with the eyes of an appreciative person!

How you spend your days
Matters more than how much money you make!

What you do matters!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Youth Dew And Staying Young At Heart...

Youth is something that seems to be fleeting as I age...

How can we age gracefully?

I have a friend that we have always said that when we get old,
"We will not be old and crotchety"
Cranky and rude;

Is there truly any excuse for just plain old meanness?

If we are Christians, Christ should be-
Formed in us, daily!
Living from glory to glory!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing an older person,
Smiling and being kind and showing grace in her words and actions.

Do you make a practice of being critical and mouthy?
Or are you using your words to build up and edify?

When I see things while out in about in the market place that disturbs me;
I try to pray and not show signs of my un-approval of them!
It is not them but their way of acting or living...
Pain and sorry and loose morals are everywhere!

Being critical and hard makes one look older
Being self righteous will make you alone
Being unkind makes you bitter!

Show Grace and Kindness...
It will make your face glow
Smile, You will look younger!

~You may not have tomorrow~

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